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Spring Final Exam:
Study Guide
Multiple Choice Practice #1 (SOLUTIONS)
Multiple Choice Practice #2 (SOLUTIONS)
Multiple Choice Practice #3 (SOLUTIONS)

Chapter 9:

Chapter 9 Practice Problems (SOLUTIONS)
Chapter 9 Checklist (G25) (SOLUTIONS)
Unit Circle (G23)
Cosine Calculator (G22)
Sine Calculator (G21)
Chapter 9 Toolkit (G20)

Chapter 8:
Chapter 8 Checklist (G24) (SOLUTIONS)
Notes: Factoring Polynomials (G19)
Chapter 8 Toolkit (G18)

Chapter 5 & 7:
Chapter 7 Checklist (SOLUTIONS)
Chapter 7 Toolkit
Chapter 5 Checklist (G12) (SOLUTIONS)
Chapter 5 Notes: Do/Undo Tables for Inverse Equations (G11)
Chapter 5 Notes: Multiple Representations of Inverses (G13)
Chapter 5 Notes: Transformations of Logarithms (G14)

Fall Final Exam:
Study Guide

CHAPTER 3 & 4:
Chapter 3 & 4 Skills & Understandings Checklist/Practice Test (G9) (SOLUTIONS)
Chapter 3 Notes: Fraction Busters (G7)
Chapter 3 Notes:Solving Nonlinear Systems of Equations (G8)

Chapter 2 Skills & Understandings Checklist/Practice Test (G6) (SOLUTIONS)
Chapter 2 Toolkit (G4)
A Graph to Help You Better Understand the Shape of y = x^2
2.2.1 Transformations Investigation Packet (Day #19)
2.2.2 Transformations “Locator Point” Resource Page (Day #22)

Chapter 1 Skills & Understandings Checklist/Practice Test (G2)
Chapter 1 Toolkit (G1)

Grading Rubric (G2)
How to Learn Math Packet (G5)
Fall Semester Final Exam Study Guide (G10)

Stats w/ Calculator:

Entering and Editing Lists of Data
Editing Lists of Data

Univariate Data (1-Variable):
Displaying a Box Plot
Displaying a Histogram
Calculating Statistics (5-Number Summary)

Bivariate Data (2-variable):
Displaying a Scatter Plot
Linear Regression (LSRL)
Correlation Coefficient, r
Residual Plots


Desmos (graphing calculator app)
CPM Homework Hints & Selected Answers
CPM Extra Practice Problems (parent guide)

Transformations Desmos Tools: