Lesson 4b

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To complete this lesson, you must watch 2 (or 3) short videos and complete the response questions.

Get the “HTLM Lesson 4b: Connections” sheet from your teacher. Or click the link and print the page.

Step 1:

If it’s been a few days since you did Lesson 4a, watch the video about Reasoning again:

Step 2:

Today, before you watch the next few videos, write down what you remember from lesson 4a about the strategies that help people do well in math. There’s a spot for this at the top of your paper. As you watch the next two videos, keep notes on strategies. This will help you for the last question.

Step 3:

Watch the “PISA Results” video. Then answer the question on your paper.

Step 4:

Watch the “Mathematical Strategies” video. Then answer the question on your paper.

That’s it! You’re done with Lesson 4b!

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