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G1 Analyzing Quantitative Data
G2 Calculating Standard Deviation
G3 Ch. 1 Checklist / Study Guide
G4 Choosing an Appropriate Measure of Center & Spread
G18 Inference for Population & Cause-and-Effect

Study Guides:

Ch.1 Checklist & Vocabulary
Ch.2 & 3 Checklist & Vocabulary
Ch.4 Checklist & Vocabulary
Ch.5 Checklist & Vocabulary

Stats w/ Calculator:

Entering and Editing Lists of Data
Editing Lists of Data

Univariate Data (1-Variable):
Displaying a Box Plot
Displaying a Histogram
Calculating Statistics (5-Number Summary)

Bivariate Data (2-variable):
Displaying a Scatter Plot
Linear Regression (LSRL)
Correlation Coefficient, r
Residual Plots


Normal Curve App
Illuminate (Check your grades!)

Ms. Ramer’s not-at-all infamous AP Statistics Survey